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first up date in a while due to a interesting/happy week marked with change [25 Apr 2005|01:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hello live journal land. i'm really not sure if anyone reads these things anymore but whatever, its a monday,i am at home, i have nothing really to do...its great.

just got back from austin a couple of hours ago. i had a three day volleyball tournament, which we actually did good in and was fun/exhausting. after a brutal 7 (or something) hours of volleyball last night, we had to walk downtown to get back to where the car was parked and we had an exciting run in with two members of the Real World Austin cast...it was crazy. They were sitting outside their house drinking on the patio with a police man right next to them. even though they were not that friendly, it was so crazy and fun seeing and talking to them.

this past week was excellent. possibly due to all the fiesta events-(hah)...especially the ones during the school week even though they made waking up for TAKS incredibly hard. but i made it through TAKS even with a terrible hang over.

well i guess thats all for now.
i love you

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yaaay [01 Feb 2005|07:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ya so i never up date any more but its a special occasion...


happy bday giiirl!


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[21 Dec 2004|05:07pm]
hey everyone! i hope yalls breaks are going good. Im not sure why i am updating but i am bored at the moment and felt like it.

Currently, i am in whistler, canada! damn. it's lovely. It's very different here. nobody cares if you smoke bud or drink or anything, its quite interesting/nice. today was my first day skiiing, it was an adventure. the "worlds best skiiing in north america" didnt live up to its name. it was icy and scary...but hopefully we'll get some more snow and make the slopes a little less dangerous. well its the first time in a damn long time to see my moms side of the family. i get along with one of my cousins very well, maybe its because he's 21 and crazzzy. well i must go.
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[26 Nov 2004|11:20pm]
[ mood | da bomb ]

the tea gardens=beautiful place
*brilliant idea, brilliant

prissy and landen=crazzzy

i wish this thanksgiving break didnt have to end!


tomorrow, the 27th, is - DEREKS- 17th BIRTHDAY!

hope everyones having a good break.

its all love here...


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She acts like summer and walks like rain, Reminds me that there’s time to change, hey, hey [20 Nov 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

heyyy everyone!

good good night
it was much needed after fri.
thank you to those who made it so great <3

only two school days in this next week! how exciting!

alright, well i love you all


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whisper words of wisdom, let it be [20 Nov 2004|12:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i have some time to kill so....

Name 3 Bad Habits You Have:
1. unorganized
2. laughing at serious comments/@serious times
3. stressing out over nothing

Name 3 Things That You Wish You Had:
1. car/license
2. a tan
3. plane ticket to Tahiti for tomorrow

Name 3 Scents You Love:
1. vanilla incense
2. Ralph by Ralph Lauren
3. clothes that have that laundry detergent/fresh scent

Name 3 Things You'd Never Wear: id ware almost anything

Name 3 Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. how hungry i am
2. senior party
3. last night

Name 3 Songs You've Listened To In The Past 24 Hours:
1. David Grey "babylon"
2. The Strokes "Someday"
3. Flamming Lips "Do you realize"

Name 3 Of Your Favorite Singers/Bands:
1. Modest Mouse
2. The Beatles
3. Pink Floyd

Name 3 Things That You Have Done Today:
1. woke up too early
2. listened to music
3. ate an orange

Name the Last 3 Things You Have Bought:
1. Club sandwhich
2. dr pepper
3. issue of the hoof print

Name 3 Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1. milk
2. lemonade
3. water

Last Person You Hugged?

Last Thing You Laughed At?
gwen stefani's new song

Last Time You Cried?
two weeks ago

What's In Your CD Player?
Radiohead- Hail to the thief

What Color Socks Are You Wearing?

What's Under Your Bed?
8th grade scrap book

what time did you wake up today?
way too early for a saturday

Current Hair?

Current Clothes?
soft lavander pj bottom and a UT volleyball shirt

Current Annoyance?
cynical people

Current Desktop Picture?
the ocean on a sunny day with a sail boat and palm trees

Current Worry?
raining on Senior Party night

Current Hate?

Last CD You Bought?
Almost Famous Sound Track

Favorite Place To Be?

Least Favorite Place?
a car when it is pouring down rain

If You Could Play An Instrument?
guitar or drums

Favorite Color?
hot pink...and turquoise

Do You Believe In An Afterlife?

How Tall Are You?
i like to say i am 5'8

Favorite Season?

Favorite Day.

Where Would You Like To Go?
London or Paris or Australia

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- - -all i can say is that my life is pretty plain- - - [14 Nov 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | good ]

great past couple of weekends..

one more six weeks till CHRISTMAS BREAK! aww i cannot wait!

i got my senior party dress yesterday!

have yall ever seen that pepsi and hot dog commercial where that girl is dressed up as a hot dog and she has to pass out flyers and she runs off and finds a cute boy dressed in a pepsi outfit and they run off together and its playing Blind Melon "no rain"!? well it is definitely my FAVORITE commercial. EVER.

if you havent seen the commercial, go to the following link, scroll down and go to "SUMMER JOB" and press play!!


i love you all.

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its a bittersweet syphony this life... [04 Nov 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | crushed but hopeful! ]

my night in two words: SHIT LUCK.

we played dripping springs, a very beatable team and if we would have beaten them we would have gone the farthest out of any AH volleyball team.
in the first game we were tied 24-24...
next play megan dislocates her shoulder- shes out for the game
less than a minute later sara tares her ACL- shes out too.

ya....i've never witnessed anything quite like that in a volleyball game- pure insanity

and the dripping springs girls were extremely rude. they laughed and cheered when megan got hurt (just to fill you in, she practically is our offense)


*volleyball is all over. and surprisingly i am terribly sad!! (never thought i would say that) i am going to miss it/the people soooooooooo much! this season was AWESOME. ive had so many great times.

"it feels like the last day of camp..."

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Oh Yoshimi, they don't believe me but you won't let those robots eat me, yoshimi [24 Oct 2004|01:07pm]
[ mood | and out of it ]

alright, well me courtney and bailey got our purses stolen a weeks ago or so. my cell phone got stolen so i do not have one right now. i have decided that its not all that bad not having one. it actually has one major plus- your parents cant call you and ask you to come home and where you are and shit like that

friday night we beat uvalde and medina valley lost putting us second in district! PLAY-OFFS here we come...

homecoming dance was a blast!

thats all for now.


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sweet baby dont cry your tears are only alibis... [10 Oct 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

dont you just love three day weekends!?

today i had Alamo tryouts. wow. it made me realize how much i hate school volleyball...club is the way to go! It was good seeing all my volleyball girls again. the tryouts were really laid back this year and not all nerve racking and shit. they went well but i wont know how i did till tomorrow...

my weekend has been very relaxing

friday night after losing to boerne, derek and i headed over to kalers house. i hung out with people i havent hung out with in a while, so that was nice. Also, his house reminded me of good summer times... like when poor olivia fell of Justus's(?)dirt bike thing...

last night after eating at chris madrids i came home to a house full of my brother & his friends playing poker. i was really bored so matt gave me the keys to his car and told me to entertain myself. haha, wow, what a cool guy. I picked katy up and we chilled with everyone at my house. it ended up being a very entertaining night.

im thinking that should be my new icon, john lennon holding up a peace sign
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With your feet in the air and your head on the ground [02 Oct 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

what a lovely saturday.

slept in because morning practice was cancelled...ahh how wonderful!

Then I ate lunch with derek and we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it was a pretty tripped out movie

later we met up with edwin and brittany and we headed over to Nightmare On Grayson. that place freaked me out, but the scariest part about the whole thing was the clown that followed me...creepy shit.

well im exhausted...

PS-MORGAN, i hope you feel better!!!

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It's so much better when everyone is in....are you in? [02 Oct 2004|10:21am]
[ mood | happy ]

what a beautiful morning!!

woke up at 10 and panicked because we were suppose to have practice at 9...turns out it got cancelled...i love the rain!

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[20 Sep 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

96 on my driving test! wahooo

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and in this moment i am happy, happy...I wish you were here. [19 Sep 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

havent updated in a while. i have been entirely too busy with schoolwork, looong volleyball practices/games and what not...

friday, after losing to new braunfels, katy, katherine, and i headed to taco c. while driving over there, a man kept honking and pointing to katherines car roof, we later figured out she drove around with her bag on top of her car, IDIOT! haha im kidding. After a huge dinner, we went to bookes house. it was a fun group of people...i saw hannah there which was crazy, seeing as though i havent seen that girl in many years!

saturday i had to wake up early and line ref at the JV tournament. A bunch of Atonian parents pissed me off. The moms kept yelling "hun, learn how to call lines" and "if the ball is on the line that means it is in!" of course i wasnt going to take that crap so i relpied with some smart alec comments. that shut them up for the rest of the game. after the tournament i hung out with derek which was very relaxing after a day of gay line refing.

today will be filled with studying for bio and doing a journalism project.

i love you!

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everything is just right! [05 Sep 2004|12:49am]
[ mood | happy ]

on thursday our volleyball team headed up to victoria for our last tournament before district. i wasnt really looking forward to it at all...actually i was really dreading it. but it turned out to be incredible! i roomed with julie brooke and blair which was crazy and alot of fun. we ended up getting first in the tournament-what a pleasant surprise!! i had soo many good times in victoria with my volleyball girls...

today i saw one Randy, one of my LLYC camp friends. it made me so happy!

i got home from victoria at around 8:30 tonight. pretty much as soon as i got home i took off and went to sams house. alot of people were there and it was a fun time. not sure what exactly i did there and how/why i ended up going home so early...but whatever. it was fun.

i want to go to the incubus concert....


ah! brandon boyd!

hurray for labor day/no school on monday!

i love you.

and eric from the little mermaid...


^one of the best disney movies ever made! what do yall think?

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get ready: NEW JOHN LENNON CONVERSE! [29 Aug 2004|11:31am]
[ mood | excited ]

i didnt have to go to school on friday! instead i had to go to a volleyball tournament. we did pretty bad-but we played good teams...like churchill (the number one team in the state) and shit.

this weekend was pretty damn crazy.

but great!

 how fucking sweet is this:

 Beatles fans will soon be able to buy their very own John Lennon sneakers, after Yoko Ono agreed a deal with Nike to produce trainers featuring her late husband's image. The shoe, which is being manufactured by Nike's subsidiary Converse, is in the same style as those worn by Lennon on the cover of the Abbey Road EP. It features a self-portrait of the legendary musician on the side and the words "Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace" emblazoned across the toe. A percentage of the profits generated by the runners will go to non-profit organisations working to promote world peace. And Converse has promised to issue a new design every year until that noble aim has been achieved.

i cant wait to buy myself a pair! haha


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ice age coming [18 Aug 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]

school is alright.

algebra II is going to kick my ass.

volleyball has gotten better. i actually played! holy shit..

well...homework time..

<3i love you all.

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"to akward moments and people you never want to see again" -thank you jacob [15 Aug 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

tonight was pretty good. me, lacey, morgan, and katy headed over to calvins for her surprise birthday party.

many people were there that i hadnt seen in a while.

im going to miss summer like crazy...

tomorrow is school. oh joy.

so-long sweet summer!<3

lets look back on some good times...

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Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day [14 Aug 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Everything is fine when you listenin to the d-o-g.

summer has come to its end. i will miss it oh so much!

it ended on a great note. me, lacey, zack, morgan, katy, and annlyn made our way to shishas. ah, that place is wonderful.

i dont have much to say other than i loved this summer.

damn, tomorrow is a school night...

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HOW DOES IT FEEL? [09 Aug 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

emmalines finally back from colorado! it was nice spending the night with her...and silk-a-roo!

today was olivia, calvin, and janes birthday. it was strange seeing everyone again. especially when they all drove off in their cars. man, i cannot wait till im 16. 9 months and 8 days.

after olivias derek, morgan, and i went to jims. we were later joined by brittany, edwin, sam, and katy.

Morg1724: i cant believe we saw coach hopper
*yes this is true. we saw coach hopper at jims. i dont know if yall remember him but he was the coach at cambridge. he was kind of a dick...he told the waitress that we obviously werent 18 so we shouldnt be in the smoking section...ass hole!

tomorrow is our 1st volleyball game. i am excited to see how we do. apparently in the newspaper it said we were supposed to get 1st in district which means we are expected to beat boerne? wahoo

my brother gets his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. he is very drugged up right now and its so funny watching him. hes dancing around the room playing the keyboard...damn he is crazy.

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